Edition 39 / September 2014

Gallus ECS 340 – the best-selling machine system for narrow-web label printing

With the successful launch of the Gallus ECS 340 “Plus” update package at Labelexpo Europe 2013 in Brussels, the Gallus ECS 340 now supports a far wider range of applications and the machine system’s performance has been significantly enhanced. The sale of 250 presses provides impressive proof of the steady demand for the Gallus ECS 340 with its unique combination of unrivalled productivity and an attractive investment level. The Gallus ECS 340 on show at this year’s Gallus Innovation Days in St. Gallen will have an additional feature to further boost its productivity and cost-efficiency in the shape of the new high-performance matrix stripper.

The following situations will be familiar to all label printers:

• Frequent matrix tears during the removal process
• A matrix-removal process that is not reproducible/stable
• Massively reduced production speeds due to matrix removal

Production restrictions caused by matrix removal are particularly disruptive and can, in some cases, make efficient label production impossible. In recent years, a new concept referred to as direct matrix removal has emerged. The direct matrix-removal systems currently available on the market are only suitable for complex die lines to a limited extent, though. The test and development engineers at Gallus have taken a close look at the matrix-removal process and improved its functionality, its stability and thus its productivity with a new type of matrix stripper. This new high-performance stripper was created as part of the further developments for the Gallus RCS 430 and, as such, it represents a feature of the new universal rewinding unit. This high-performance matrix stripper will be unveiled on the Gallus ECS 340 at the Gallus Innovation Days.

With its further enhanced productivity, the Gallus ECS 340 can handle even complex die lines at top speeds.

Taking matrix removal to a whole new level

The new, innovative functions of the high-performance matrix stripper on the Gallus ECS 340 represent a masterpiece of mechatronics by Gallus development engineers. Admittedly, established direct matrix-removal systems already offer a number of advantages over standard matrix strippers. Using a path roller to guide and support the matrix over just a short distance results in far fewer matrix tears and thus delivers greater process reliability. Complex die-cutting formes – with recessed edges, for example – remain problematic, however. The performance of a direct matrix-removal system is also influenced to a great extent by speed-dependent settings on the stripper. The new Gallus high-performance matrix stripper was developed specifically for matrix removal with highly complex die lines at maximum speeds and enables a stable matrix removal process at all times. The above-mentioned situations are thus a thing of the past on the Gallus ECS 340.

The optional additional function of a floating matrix roll ensures the matrix tension remains constant, even with eccentric rewinding, and completely stops the matrix roll hitting the stripping roll.

The extended Gallus ECS 340 “Plus” update package

The new high-performance matrix stripper from Gallus is an addition to the Gallus ECS 340 “Plus” update package. This package, which was developed in close partnership with Gallus customers, enables label printers to provide their customers with an even better service and effectively boost cost-efficiency. The Gallus ECS 340 “Plus” update package includes:

• A screen printing unit and a more powerful UV system
• A new unwinding/rewinding device with foil kit
• A secondary rail system
• A software update with a higher maximum machine speed
• A new user interface
• A new high-performance matrix stripper

Most “Plus” update functions are not only available on new machines but can also be retrofitted. If you are interested in obtaining further details about the extended Gallus ECS 340 “Plus” update package, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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