Edition 38 / June 2014

Gallus Screeny DY prints “sharp” and “high”

The tactile Gallus Screeny DY was unveiled to the public for the first time at Labelexpo 2013. Labels produced using the Gallus Screeny DY are better all around, with a better look, quality and feel. As a result, Gallus Screeny DY has become the new favourite of many label producers.

Thick ink layer coupled with outstanding print image resolution – high and sharp

Printed images produced with Gallus Screeny DY boast a unique combination of a thick layer of ink (90 µm) and excellent print image resolution (250 µm) – something that has never before been technically feasible. As a result, label print shops can benefit from new graphic design options when producing captivating and innovative labels with sophisticated elements.

Ink layer thickness and print resolution with Gallus Screeny DY

Gallus Screeny DY offers you the following benefits:

 Better look
Thanks to a thick ink layer and clean edges, Gallus Screeny DY gives labels a much more defined appearance and better relief effect – making them almost look like they have been embossed. Meanwhile, the perfect ink flow achieved by Gallus Screeny screen printing plates produces the clean edges in the printed image.

Optimum ink flow through the Gallus Screeny screen printing plate.

• Better quality
Because Gallus Screeny DY minimises bubble formation during printing, screen printing ink flows onto the printing stock evenly, with no swirling. The end result is a higher quality standard, less waste and long-term cost savings.

• Better feel
Every end consumer who is shown a label that has been produced using Gallus Screeny DY wants to do the same thing – touch it! This is due to the aforementioned combination of a thick ink layer and excellent print image resolution, which means that Gallus Screeny DY transfers more ink to the label. End consumers can both see and feel this additional quantity of ink. When labels are more vibrant in this way, they catch the eye on any shelf and help to boost the sales of the product as a result.

Surprise your customers today – with Gallus Screeny DY

Many label printers and their customers have already been won over by a direct comparison between a self-adhesive label produced using conventional tactile screen printing plates and one printed using Gallus Screeny DY. You don’t need any professional experience to see how the additional quantity of ink, enhanced print image resolution, optimised relief effect and all-round improved look and feel make a label really stand out.

Why not try your own comparison? Produce an existing customer label design with Gallus Screeny DY and show it to your customer. You might be surprised by the reaction – but we won’t, we’re already very familiar with the wow effect of Gallus Screeny DY!

A label produced using Gallus Screeny DY – better all round.

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