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Gallus, Inc., North America

Gallus, Inc. was established in Philadelphia, PA in 1981. Since then the US division has sold over 400 label printing machines in 32 states and provinces, plus Mexico, Central America and Puerto Rico. Gallus, Inc. has 20 employees including staff dedicated to supporting the North American market with maintenance packages and expert assistance. Off-hours emergency service and parts shipments are also available for Gallus customers. The Philadelphia headquarters maintains over 300,000 parts in inventory for fast response to emergency needs. The office also includes a repair shop, a screen-making department, a showroom to demonstrate new presses, and a training center to educate customers on maintenance and press operations. www.gallususa.com



Eastern U.S. & Canada

Andre Blais
T: 404 392 4495

Western U.S. & Canada

Frank Hasselberg
T: 913 908 8607

Gallus Inc.
2800 Black Lake Place
Philadelphia, PA 19154-1024 USA
T +1 215 677-9600
F +1 215 677-8400

Emergency service

Emergency service, Gallus Inc USA

Extended hours emergency service: +1-800-248-7650
No charge for Gallus presses under warranty
For presses not under warranty, free phone support is provided from
8:00 AM – 5 PM ET

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